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Intersecting the arts, education, and social service.

Ocean Door Studios LLC is organizing an experimental film to not only promote the new music of Dwayne Simmons (known as Dagha) but this project is also serving as a pilot program to create new after school programming that will give at risk youth opportunities to learn the intricacies of filmmaking, music development, & fashion design.  Dwayne is not only an internationally accomplished hip hop artist but he is also the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Boston SCORES, a non-profit who helps inner city youth through team based education programs that promote health & well being, academic engagement, and civic leadership. Through this project we wish to create a fun, safe, and inclusive learning environment for aspiring filmmakers and curious kids alike so that this can be replicated in future programming at various institutes.

25% of the proceeds that we receive through this campaign will go directly to Boston SCORES and the rest will help facilitate the groundwork for this pilot program and the creation of this short experimental film which will inevitably be a hands on learning experience available to interested students.  To learn more or to support, please visit

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