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NEW ALBUM: Blak Flowerz

Coming Juneteenth 2022!

Boston rhyme-vet Dagha has announced a new project to be released on Juneteenth (Sunday, June 19th).  Blak Flowerz will be a thick platter of conscious boom-bap and all-out lyricism as his previous projects.  However, as the listener will learn, this is a literal family affair for the father of four.  “I have all of my children plus my wife appearing at points during the album, plus my oldest daughter did the artwork for the cover.”

Speaking on the significance of the album title Dagha said “everyone talks about giving someone their flowers while they are still alive.  Well this album is my flowers to the black family.  Inspired by my own family, life and the black struggle; Life is not like the Monopoly board game where everyone starts with the same amount of seed money. The family structure has been broken in this country for some time so I wanted to officially give my flowers to the black family, the uncredited pioneers of civilization.”

Also, new to this release is the emcee expanding his production partners past his frequent collaborator DJ Real (who he last worked with on 2021’s D-A To The G LP).  B Leafs supplies the majority of beats on the new album as well as tracks provided by Timepiece, Kane Major and Insight.

First single “POV” (produced by B Leafs and MTK) is out now via Bandcamp.

Stream / Purchase “POV”:

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