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Dagha’s debut solo album Object in Motion gained a 5-star review in Hip Hop Connection magazine and called “as sharp as his moniker” in Elemental magazine.

Dagha cut his teeth as part of many highly regarded Boston supergroups including Cloke & Dagha, Knights of the Roundtable, Electric, Midnight Shipment, U-Fam and more.

He is also featured on Insight’s “Targeting Zones” LP, “Blast Radius” LP, “Maysun Project” LP, Martiangang’s “Got Skills Galore” 12 inch and Edan’s “Beauty & The Beat”.

In addition to the numerous group projects, Dagha has been a top-notch opening act for some of Hip Hops heavyweights while spotlighting his solo classics or performing innovative combined sets around the world.

Dagha returns with Blak Flowerz (his 7th solo album), released on Juneteenth in celebration of life as a man strengthened by those around him, in particular, his family. The album follows last year’s D-A To The G, continuing on a path of heady lyricism with an assortment of Boom Bap beats.

Dagha Ed

DAGHA Ed offers inner city youth a safe environment after school where they can learn from the community, help develop their community and learn potential career/life skills in music and the performing arts. In Dwayne Simmons they have an apt lead teacher. Mr. Simmons is a musician of International acclaim: As Hip-Hop artist Dagha, his album “The Divorce” was rated among The Hip Hop Connection’s top 40 albums of 2008. He stands in a unique position to encourage multicultural learning and sharing. As Director of Strategic Initiatives for local non-profit Boston Scores, he has trained teachers and implemented this curriculum to over 1,000 students in 30 elementary and middle schools. Dagha and some of his students were featured on CNN as well as being recognized by President Obama for their achievements working with young people.

Vision: To offer a life-long, indelible experience for scores of area youth who might otherwise find themselves uninspired to reach their true potential.

Mission: Creating and recording original works with youth.

Marketing Strategies: The music industry is a Multi-Billion dollar World Wide enterprise. Equally compelling is the fact that Music is the only Universal Language, and Boston can and will most certainly draw a benefit from having a literacy-based songwriting curriculum where students may come together to share lyrics, poetry, beats and culture. If there is one thing that ALL students (and most adults) do, it is listening to music. Some of these students will be savvy enough to already know how to make their own music, but for those just learning and for those who want to prepare to learn music as a profession they need direct hands-on participation and tutelage. Artists from any and all genres of music will be encouraged to stop by to share their experiences with the students.

Where: Existing school or community center where the curriculum is being implemented during afterschool hours, vacation, and summer breaks for interested students.

Who: 3rd – 12th grade students, student/teacher ratio 15:1, two sessions per week for 4 weeks.

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